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AI Usage among Indian Knowledge Workers Surge to 92%: Microsoft and LinkedIn Report

1 month ago
AI Usage among Indian Knowledge Workers

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A staggering 92% of knowledge workers in India are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) at work, a significant leap from the global average of 75%, as highlighted in the 2024 Work Trend Index released by Microsoft and LinkedIn.

The report, titled “AI at Work is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part,” underscores the swift integration of AI in the workplace and its profound impact on work dynamics, leadership, and hiring practices.


High AI Adoption and Leadership Concerns

The comprehensive survey, which gathered insights from 31,000 individuals across 31 countries, reveals that 91% of Indian leaders recognize the necessity of adopting AI to remain competitive. However, a significant 54% express concerns about their organization’s lack of a clear AI strategy.


Despite these apprehensions, employees are eagerly adopting AI, with 72% of Indian AI users bringing their own AI tools to the workplace (BYOAI). “Data from the Work Trend Index shows that AI is now a reality at work, with India having one of the highest AI adoption rates among knowledge workers, at 92%,” said Irina Ghose, managing director of Microsoft India and South Asia.

“This AI optimism presents a tremendous opportunity for organisations to invest in the right tools and training, to unlock efficiencies for employees and ultimately drive long-term business impact”, she adds.


AI Skills as a Hiring Priority

The report also highlights the growing significance of AI skills in the job market.

A notable 75% of Indian leaders stated they would not hire candidates lacking AI skills, surpassing the global average of 66%. Moreover, 80% of leaders in India favor hiring less experienced candidates with AI skills over more experienced ones without these skills.


LinkedIn data supports this trend, showing a 142-fold increase globally in members adding AI skills to their profiles and a 160% increase in non-technical professionals taking AI courses. “AI is transforming the world of work, reshaping the talent landscape and nudging both individuals and organisations to embrace change,” said Ruchee Anand, head of Talent & Learning Solutions at LinkedIn.

“As the workforce looks to tap into the benefits of AI, it’s crucial for leaders to boost their organisation’s AI capabilities through thoughtful investment in both technology and talent.”


Emergence of AI Power Users

The study categorizes AI users into four groups: skeptics, novices, explorers, and power users. AI power users in India are significantly transforming their work routines, with 90% starting their day with AI and 91% using it to prepare for the next day.

These users are also more likely to receive AI training and communication from senior leadership compared to other employees.


New AI Capabilities and Learning Resources

To further facilitate AI adoption, Microsoft announced new features in Copilot for Microsoft 365, including more conversational capabilities, proactive recommendations, and enhanced prompt experiences.

Additionally, LinkedIn unveiled over 50 free learning courses aimed at enhancing AI proficiency among professionals.

As generative AI usage at work has nearly doubled globally in the past six months, Indian leaders are tasked with transitioning from experimental AI use to achieving tangible business outcomes. The 2024 Work Trend Index offers valuable insights into how AI is reshaping the future of work and the steps organizations can take to harness its potential.