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Annual General Meeting of Indo -German Chamber of Commerce in Munich on Wednesday 12th June 2024

1 month ago
Annual General Meeting of Indo

The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC)hosted its Annual General Meeting for 2025 on Wednesday, 12th June 2024 at the iconic Allianz Auditorium in Munich. George Ettiyil – President IGCC, Sr. Director South Asia welcomed the participants on behalf of Lufthansa which he described as a company that existed solely to connect people.


Renate Wagner, Member of Board, Allianz and Rainer Hutka , Director General , Bavarian State Chancellory-also extended warm welcomes with the latter acknowledging the general sense of excited anticipation that all the delegates could feel coursing through the room while Wagner termed the gathering as the symbol of a bond that had withstood the test of time and turbulence.


The Indian and German ambassadors spoke extensively on the value of relations between democracies with the former pointing to the high growth, lowering corruption trend in India while the German ambassador pointed to the continuing increase in trade volumes between Germany and the East, emphasising how trade and diplomacy were important tools that provided leverage in the universality of human rights.

-German Chamber of Commerce

Ergun Kis , Partner KPMGheld forth with articulated precision on the progress that had been made in western nations specifically in terms of tax structures and how these reforms were crucial to improving fiscal transparency and predictive models.


The meeting then entered the panel discussion phases which saw an amiably robust exchange of views. The topics were “ Future Sustainable Technology “ and “ Medical Technology and how AI may change the health sector “


All in all the event was charged with a definitive air of decisive engagement and a feeling of communalness, stemming in no small part from the simultaneous keen presence of over 150 delegates, a participation strength unheard of since the pandemic. Kaushik Shaparia, Vice President IGCC and CEO Deutsch Bank AG Mumbai gave the vote of thanks and concluding remarks.