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Germany Leads the Way for Multiple-Entry Schengen Visas in 2024

2 weeks ago
Germany Leads the Way for Multiple-Entry



As travelers plan their European adventures for 2024, Germany stands out as the top destination for those seeking a multiple-entry Schengen visa. 

Recent data shows that applying for a German visa offers the best chance of securing permission to enter the Schengen Area multiple times. 


Germany’s Impressive Multiple-Entry Visa Issuance 

Despite being the second most popular Schengen destination, Germany continues to issue a high number of multiple-entry visas. 

According to the latest Schengen Visa Statistics, an impressive 90.4% of visas issued by German consulates in 2023 were multiple-entry. This figure is only marginally lower than the 90.6% recorded in 2022, demonstrating Germany’s consistency in accommodating frequent travelers. 

In concrete numbers, Germany processed 1,459,560 visa applications last year, approving 1,233,561 of them. Of these, 1,115,424 were multiple-entry visas, highlighting the country’s favorable stance towards repeat visitors. 


Other Schengen Countries with High Multiple-Entry Visa Rates 

While Germany leads the pack, several other Schengen countries also boast high rates of multiple-entry visa issuance, though they fall short of Germany’s stellar performance. 

  • Austria ranks second, with 75.7% of its approved visas in 2023 being multiple-entry. Austrian consulates received 229,613 applications and granted 194,273 visas, of which 147,021 allowed multiple entries. This was a slight increase from 2022, where the rate was 74.9%. 
  • Italy comes in third, with 70.2% of its visas issued in 2023 being multiple-entry. The country processed 970,073 applications, granting 680,794 multiple-entry visas. 

Other notable countries include: – 

  • Switzerland: 69.1% of 506,499 applications approved were for multiple entries. 
  • Greece: 66.1% of 521,825 applications approved. 
  • Croatia: 62% of 29,785 visas granted. 


Declining Multiple-Entry Visa Rates in Some Countries 

Not all countries maintained high rates of multiple-entry visas. In 2023, the average rate of multiple-entry visas issued across the Schengen Area dropped to 54.2% from 58.1% in 2022. 

Countries where travelers had the lowest chances of obtaining a multiple-entry visa included: – 

  • Finland: 21.3% 
  • Norway: 22.6% 
  • Sweden: 25.7% 
  • Spain: 27.2% 


Germany’s Low Visa Rejection Rate 

Germany’s appeal is further strengthened by its relatively low visa rejection rate. In 2023, only 14.3% of visa applications were rejected by German authorities, compared to the Schengen average of 16%. 

This rejection rate was an improvement from 2022, when Germany denied 16.2% of applications, against an overall Schengen rejection rate of 17.9%. 


For travelers seeking a reliable gateway to the Schengen Area with the flexibility of multiple entries, Germany remains the top choice. The country’s consistent high issuance rates and low rejection rates make it a favorable option for 2024 and beyond.