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India’s Mobile Phone Exports Surge: Closing the Gap with China and Vietnam

2 weeks ago
India’s Mobile Phone Exports Surge

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India is making significant strides in the global mobile phone export market, rapidly narrowing the gap with industry leaders China and Vietnam. A notable surge in exports during FY24 highlights this progress. 


India’s Export Growth 

According to global trade data, as reported by the media outlets, India’s mobile phone exports soared by 40.5% in FY24. In contrast, China and Vietnam experienced declines of 2.78% and 17.6% respectively. 

This shift has allowed India to capture nearly 50% of the reduction in mobile phone exports from China and Vietnam, signaling a significant change in the global supply chain dynamics. 


Decline in Chinese and Vietnamese Exports 

Data from the International Trade Centre (ITC) shows that Chinese mobile phone exports decreased from $136.3 billion in FY23 to $132.5 billion in FY24, a decline of $3.8 billion. 

Similarly, Vietnam’s exports fell from $31.9 billion in FY23 to $26.27 billion in FY24, marking a $5.6 billion decrease. The combined reduction in exports from these two countries totaled $9.4 billion. 


Surge in Indian Exports 

In stark contrast, India’s mobile phone exports surged from $11.1 billion in FY23 to $15.6 billion in FY24, an increase of $4.5 billion. 


Impact of the PLI Scheme 

The rise in India’s mobile phone exports is seen as a significant achievement, especially amid geopolitical tensions with China. The Indian government has strategically attracted companies adopting the China+1 approach to diversify their supply chains and manufacturing operations. 

The PLI scheme has notably benefitted Apple, which has established India as its second base for iPhone manufacturing after China. Since the scheme’s inception in 2020, Apple has ramped up its production and exports from India. 


Apple’s vendors, including Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron (now owned by Tata), have set up factories under the scheme. Production by Apple’s vendors increased from $7 billion in FY23 to $14 billion in FY24, while exports rose from $5 billion to over $10 billion in the same period. 

iPhone exports now account for 65% of India’s mobile phone exports and over one-third of India’s electronics exports, which surpassed $29 billion in FY24. 

Samsung’s Role 

Samsung is also expanding its mobile phone exports from India. The South Korean company, a beneficiary of the PLI scheme, exported approximately $3.5 billion worth of mobile phones from India in FY24, a figure expected to grow. 

Samsung is currently the largest exporter of mobile phones from Vietnam, having invested $20 billion in the country by late 2023, according to a report by the Vietnam News Agency. Over 50% of Samsung’s global sales come from products made in Vietnam. 


India’s Growing Role 

India’s success in increasing mobile phone exports underscores the effectiveness of the PLI scheme and the country’s growing role in the global electronics supply chain. 

As India continues to attract major global manufacturers and enhance its production capabilities, it is well-positioned to further challenge China and Vietnam in the mobile phone export market.