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Mercedes-Benz Confirms $24 Million Investment in India for 2024

1 month ago
Mercedes-Benz Confirms $24 Million

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German carmaker Mercedes-Benz has confirmed its plan to invest $24 million in India in 2024, with the possibility of expanding that amount based on market conditions. 

The company stated, “Mercedes-Benz is committed to its current investment plans in India which were announced in January, and which foresee an investment of about $24 million this year. Any further investments will depend on market demand.” 


The announcement follows Mercedes-Benz’s declaration in January of its intention to invest $24 million in India this year. During a tour of Germany, Maharashtra Industries Minister Uday Samant met with top executives of Mercedes-Benz to discuss investment opportunities in the state. 

He shared on X, “Mercedes-Benz will invest ₹3,000 crore in Maharashtra this year. This will help create employment opportunities in the state.”