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Mönchengladbach Airport Becomes Germany’s First to Offer Continuous Sustainable Aviation Fuel

2 weeks ago
Airport Becomes Germany’s

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons 


Mönchengladbach Airport (EDLN) has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first airport in Germany to provide a continuous supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). While other German airports have offered SAF, none have done so on an uninterrupted basis. 


Contract with TotalEnergies

The airport has arranged a contract with TotalEnergies to ensure regular deliveries of SAF, which is produced from waste and residual materials such as animal fats and used cooking oil. This arrangement guarantees that SAF is available throughout the day. 


Commitment to Sustainability

Rheinland Air Service (RAS), based at Mönchengladbach Airport, will handle the dispensing of SAF. 

“As the European dealer of Honda Aircraft and Daher Aircraft for Germany and Austria, Rheinland Air Service is committed to carry out all HondaJet ferry flights and demonstration flights through RAS with SAF,” said company CEO Johannes Graf von Schaesberg. “The same applies to Daher’s TBM and Kodiak aircraft.” 


Ceremonial First Refueling

At a recent event at the airport, Oliver Krischer, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport, took part in the ceremonial first refueling of an aircraft with SAF. 

“Air traffic must become climate neutral; that is why we are supporting measures and projects that make flying without fossil fuels possible,” he stated. 

He also emphasized that electric propulsion, along with SAF use, will play a significant role in achieving this goal. “It is pioneering that Mönchengladbach Airport has now created the possibility of refueling aircraft with SAF.” 


A Hub for General Aviation

Handling almost 50,000 flight movements per year, Mönchengladbach Airport is a key hub for general aviation in Germany. The airport is frequently used by business pilots, flight schools, and regional aircraft, highlighting its importance in the aviation sector.