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SME in Germany- The Hidden Champions

1 month ago

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The SME in Germany is the backbone of the Economy. German SMEs are not only the largest employers but also the “Hidden Champions”, often world leaders in their niche businesses, with specific advantages in technologies, products, markets, and service offerings. Small and medium-sized businesses.

The Small and Medium Industry in Germany

  • Make up over 99 per cent of all businesses in Germany paying sales tax
  • Create 70 per cent of the jobs
  • Provide 80 per cent of the job-training opportunities available
  • Develop 75 per cent of all patents and innovations

Given that Germany is right now passing through an economic meltdown and officially declared recession, 370 successful entrepreneurs from the Federal Economic Senate, the who’s who of German medium-sized businesses, have therefore developed the opportunity paper “Neustart-Deutschland”: The result is a roadmap out of the crisis, a roadmap for new growth and prosperity in our country.

  • “Neustart Germany” combines what made the medium-sized companies successful generations ago and the backbone of German economy:
    competence, sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial drive.
  • It is an offer to politics, business and society to pull together again to bring Germany’s economy out of the crisis and back to the top.