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Survey: 87% of Office Occupiers in India Aim for Renewable Energy by 2030

3 weeks ago
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Article Source: TheDialog/JLL Study 


A recent survey conducted by JLL reveals a significant push towards renewable energy in India’s commercial real estate sector. With 87% of office occupiers aiming to power at least half of their portfolio with renewable sources by 2030, the survey underscores a growing commitment to sustainability and net-zero carbon objectives.

According to the survey, conducted by JLL, 87% of office occupiers in India are striving to power at least 50% of their commercial property portfolio with renewable energy sources by 2030. The findings indicate a notable shift in attitudes toward sustainability and net-zero carbon goals within the commercial real estate sector.


Key Findings

The survey findings highlight the following key points.


Regional Distribution:

The analysis reveals that Delhi leads the charge, with 43% of office occupiers in the city aiming for renewable energy by 2030. Mumbai follows with 27%, while Bengaluru and Chennai stand at 17% and 13%, respectively.


Sectoral Demand:

The banking and finance sectors exhibit the highest inclination towards demanding on-site renewable power sources. They are followed by the construction, manufacturing, and consultancy industries.


Changing Perspectives:

One notable finding is that 33% of occupiers believe that on-site renewable energy will become a non-negotiable requirement for their organizations by 2030. Additionally, 87% anticipate that more than half of their energy needs will be fulfilled by renewables. Respondents also acknowledge a significant demand-supply gap for sustainable buildings, with demand expected to outstrip supply.


The transition to renewable energy is crucial for the real estate industry to reshape buildings as active contributors. JLL’s recommendations include site assessments for solar PV installation suitability, local grid connections, and exploring energy sharing potential within the portfolio.