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Tata Electronics Begins Exporting Made-in-India Semiconductor Chips

2 weeks ago
Tata Electronics Begins

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Tata Electronics Ltd, a prominent Tata Group company, has embarked on a significant stride towards enhancing India’s semiconductor capabilities.

Industry insiders revealed that the company has initiated the export of limited quantities of semiconductor chips packaged at its pilot line in Bengaluru. 


Expansion and Advancements

According to media outlets, Tata Electronics is not only expanding its footprint across India with plans for a new chip packaging unit in Assam and a massive USD 10 billion chip foundry in Gujarat but also making significant strides in chip designing. 

The company’s progress in tape-out of semiconductor chips across various nodes underlines the company’s technological advancement and innovation in the semiconductor space. 


Commercialization and Importance

With packaged chips already in transit to partners in Japan, the United States, and Europe, Tata Electronics is looking to tap into a global market for semiconductor solutions. 

The anticipated commencement of commercial production by 2027 signifies a crucial milestone in India’s semiconductor journey. 


Industry experts, including Neil Shah from Counterpoint Research, stress the importance of Tata Group demonstrating its capabilities in chip designing and manufacturing to potential clients and partners, particularly ahead of the commissioning of its fabs in the coming years. 


Robust Processes and Collaborative Efforts

Ensuring the success of its semiconductor endeavors requires Tata Electronics to establish robust front-end and back-end processes for quality assurance and adherence to global manufacturing standards, according to the Industry sources.  


Moreover, collaborative efforts with Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (PSMC) underscore the collaborative nature of the semiconductor industry and its potential to drive significant impact on India’s technological landscape.