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Interview with Carina Flosbach – Managing Partner at Werner Flosbach GmbH on ‘Strong Women Strong SME’s!’

1 month ago

Photo Source: bvmw website

Carina Flosbach heads a family owned company started in 1965 by her late grandfather soon to be celebrating its 60 years! The company largely deals with roofing and facade materials – an industry once largely led by men.

Flosbach is a highly spirited and motivated individual who not only preaches but practices the fundamentals of goal setting both in professional and personal life. This can be seen in her life choices. Throughout the interview she lays the foundation that one of the main keys to success in business is to have clear goals right from the start.

It is very clear to her that goal setting provided her with a sense of direction and focus. This helped her  in altering the behaviors and attitudes required from her employees to accomplish the company’s objectives.

On going forward she emphasizes the concept of ‘change’ being a constant and being prepared. Nothing lasts forever and one should be of the right mindset to incorporate it in one’s team. This along with the right attitude gives you momentum and a thrust in business that pushes you in the direction of self-mastery to improve every day and be resilient in challenging times.

This trailblazer of 2024 is surely to look out for. She hopes to see improvement in the corporate bureaucracy and hopes German politicians to create better frameworks for companies to prosper.

Information about the company
Name: Werner Flosbach GmbH
Founded in : 1965
Number of Employees – 130
Full interview available on –

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