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Sahana Shastry receives the Young Engineer Woman Award

3 weeks ago
Sahana Shastry

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April 26 saw Sahana Shastry honored with the Young Engineer Woman Award at the FEMWORX Career Congress. An independent jury consisting of the members of the FEMWORX Congress Advisory Board selected her as the winner among three nominated female experts.


Sahana Shastry received her Master of Science in Space Sciences and Technologies from the University of Bremen last year. Since then, she has worked as a systems engineer at DSI Aerospace, focusing on mass storage systems for on-board electronics to support the expansion of ESA’s Copernicus program. She also heads the Women in Aerospace Europe working group, in which she authored the white papers. This is where measures are being investigated and implemented to bridge the skills and gender gap in the aerospace industry. Sahana Shastry serves as an advisory member and COO for the student rocket and space group ASTRA e.V. from Bremen in her free time. She is also co-author of the chapter on EDI promoting the new spaceflight economy in the Oxford Handbook of New Space Economy.